Osteoarthritis can become so painful, even debilitating for some individuals, that it severely interferes with their quality of life. Conventional treatments like surgery or pain meds are often the first response, when they should be the last-ditch effort.
Treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain with Viscosupplementation offers new hope and significant opportunity to potentially experience fewer and less severe symptoms.

Treatment for osteoarthritis and knee pain

If you are tired of feeling the symptoms of Osteoarthritis Pain in your Knees, you’ve found the right place. Our Advanced Health Team has helped hundreds of patients to become PAIN FREE, with a Safe (Narcotic/Opioid Free) Proven Method called Guided Viscosupplementation. We have options for patients that work to get you back and feeling great without the dangers of surgery or harmful medication.
In traditional medicine, Osteoarthritis and knee pain treatment typically involves medications, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery to help reduce pain and maintain joint movement. Other treatments include self-care, physical exercise, and over the counter pain relievers.
If you have knee pain, we have better answers available.

Viscosupplementation is…

Virtually Pain Free

Simple injecting of a Natural gel like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the knee

Simple Out Patient Procedure

It is typically administered in a 5 injection protocol over a 5 week period.  Follow up visits are necessary for best results.

Short Office Visits

Procedure time is usually less the 5 minutes.  You are in and out and back on your feet to do the things you love.  Without pain!

Custom Knee Brace Included

A knee brace is then fitted to help off-load stress on the joint when standing, which will also help alleviate pain.

Effective Procedure

Simple injecting of a Natural gel like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the knee


HA is designed to mimic the body’s natural synovial fluid which lubricates and cushions the joint.

Fluoroscope Guided

An xray device called a fluoroscope is utilized to ensure proper placement of the needle, which enhances the effectiveness of the procedure..

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is also provided to help rebuild strength, range of motion and flexibility.

Ken Testimony
Ken Testimony
*Results may vary from person to person.


Viscosupplementation is not a new treatment, in fact, it’s actually been available for a long time; but unfortunately has been overlooked for more expedient and profitable treatments like steroids and total knee replacements; which are either temporary and eventually ineffective or very invasive and expensive.

Viscosupplementation is also temporary, but is considered a more effective and less disruptive form of treatment, designed to stave off the need for a total knee replacement for a number of years if done with precision and in the proper protocol. It has been demonstrated to reduce pain and inflammation and bring back the integrity of the knee joint.


Not All Viscosupplementation Treatments are the same!

Floroscope MUST be used to ensure proper placement of the needle.
Here at Advanced Regenerative Health, we have the specialized technology, trained staff, and quality protocols needed to make this treatment highly effective.


No More Dangerous Narcotics or OTC Drugs

Stop putting harmful medications into your body to just cover up your pain. It’s time to heal! Viscosupplementation is a 100% Drug Free Solution to reducing pain.

Stop Missing Out on the Fun Things In Life

Pain can stop you from doing what you love. It’s time to get back on the golf course, playing with your family, and enjoying life! True Healing is Possible.

Non-Surgical, No Downtime

You come in for your procedure and are sent home with-OUT crutches or weeks/months of downtime or physical therapy needed. It’s a simple in office procedure.

Safe, Proven, Effective Treatments

Our Viscosupplementation Therapies are proven, safe, and effective. We use FDA approved protocols and the highest quality cell therapies available.



I am truly amazed with this treatment! I had my knees treated and in just 3.5 weeks I am feeling so much better! I have heard of so many stories of lives being changed for the better and now I am a believer too. Thanks for the improved quality of life!

Karl Mecklenburg, CSP