Lateral Epicondylitis also known as “Tennis Elbow” is a common injury in individuals who overuse the elbow. The majority of tennis elbow injuries do not actually come from Tennis, but from other professions linked to overuse of the elbow. Many common arm movements can eventually cause Tennis elbow including painting, cutting cooking ingredients, and repeat computer mouse use.


Typically, with a Tennis Elbow injury, doctors prescribe a combination of rest, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications if the injury is mild. In severe injuries, steroid injections or elbow surgery may be needed. Over the course of time many doctors have started to move away from traditional treatments and into a modern approach. This is because many of the traditional treatments have negative effects over time. It has been shown that while a cortisone shot in the elbow will temporarily reduce pain, over time it can weaken and degenerate ligaments and tendons. This can put the patient at a greater risk of surgery in the future.

tennis elbow
tennis elbow

New therapies are available for Tennis Elbow without the need for surgery. PRP therapy contains a concentration of many different growth factors that reduce inflammation and promote the body’s healing capabilities. Studies show that PRP therapy can heal tennis elbow better than cortisone shots, as well as prevent ligament degeneration over time. PRP has long lasting permanent healing results as compared to a cortisone shot which will help in the short term, but it is not a long lasting effect.



I am truly amazed with this treatment! I had my knees treated and in just 3.5 weeks I am feeling so much better! I have heard of so many stories of lives being changed for the better and now I am a believer too. Thanks for the improved quality of life!

Karl Mecklenburg, CSP

What are the benefits?

PRP therapy offers an alternative to invasive treatments for tennis elbow. PRP therapy can help speed up the recovery process as well as stimulate damaged cells throughout the body to heal and regenerate. PRP therapy allows for the patient to use their own cells to repair and regenerate damaged cells, rather than going under for surgery to relieve pain. The goal of PRP Therapy is to relieve pain through healing and regeneration of damaged tissues from tennis elbow, thus the treatment provides lasting results without the risks or side effects of surgery and other aggressive forms of treatment.