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Stem CELL Recruitment THERAPY®

What is Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy®?

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® helps the body boost its ability to heal itself through a single injection of Human Tissue Allograft (TA). A Tissue Allograft injection is acellular and contains a rich mixture of collagens, cytokines, elastins and growth factors that creates an extra-cellular matrix which supports healing and has the potential to reduce
scarring and inflammation. Tissue allografts contain growth factors which assist the body in tissue repair, reducing pain and inflammation and contributing to the regeneration and reconstruction of injured tissue. Responsibly sourced acellular tissue allografts are helping people of all ages to recover from injuries and get their life back.

By using a combination of growth factors and other endogenously synthesized molecules, Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® helps to assist the body with repair, reconstruction and supplementation of the recipient’s tissues.


How does Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® work? 

The tissue allograft takes advantage of the body’s ability to repair itself. With a tissue allograft injection, our physician injects the tissue allograft from donated tissue into your body. The tissue allograft helps to limit the expression of inflammatory cytokines and contains large amounts of hyaluronic acid that entrap inflammatory cells. The tissue allograft goes far beyond the benefits of standard “injection therapy.”

While cortisone and other drugs only provide temporary pain relief, tissue allografts can help modulate healing by promoting reconstruction rather than scar tissue formation. The growth factors in the tissue allograft may recruit your body’s own healing components and stem cells, directly mitigating the repair and regeneration of healthy tissue. Additionally, tissue allograft injections contain hyaluronic acid, helping
to lubricate joints and tendons, easing the pain and helping restore mobility.


I am truly amazed with this treatment! I had my knees treated and in just 3.5 weeks I am feeling so much better! I have heard of so many stories of lives being changed for the better and now I am a believer too. Thanks for the improved quality of life!

Karl Mecklenburg, CSP


What Are the Benefits of

This Therapy?

Convenient and Painless

15-minute in office, single injection

All Natural & Drug-free

Takes advantage of the body's ability to repair itself.

Safe, Non-steroidal Alternative to Surgery

Helps recruit your body’s healing components to reconstruct and regenerate the injured tissue that is causing pain.
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