Back Pain

What is a Flexion Distraction table?

Flexion Distraction is a gentle, safe, controlled form of traction specifically designed for spinal pain relief. The table looks similar to a standard chiropractic table, but it can flex and side-flex, allowing patients to receive traction relief in a non-weight bearing fashion. 

The patient will lie on their stomach while the doctor gently flexes and stretches the spinal segments and muscles around the affected region. The beauty of this tool is that the patient does not have to engage any muscles or soft tissues. By eliminating all active movements by the patient, the doctor has the ability to stretch these structures without spasm or reaction from the body.    

How Does it Work?

Flexion distraction drops intradiscal pressures as low as -192mmHg and widens the spinal canal area by as much as 28%. 


As a bonus, flexion distraction returns motion to the spinal joints. The practical answer is the table allows the doctor to stretch the patient’s spine and surrounding muscles in a non-weight bearing fashion. The patient can relax while the table and the doctor do the work.


Why Use Flexion Distraction?

  1. Patients that are suffering from extreme back pain and do not have the ability to move in normal ranges of motion without pain are excellent candidates for Flexion Distraction.
  2. Patients with herniated discs are prime candidates for this type of treatment technique. By flexing the spine we are gapping open spinal segments that are placing pressure on the disc material.
  3. We have found our pregnant patient population has a real appreciation for this type of technique. As the fetus grows it becomes more difficult for the patient to lie face down. The Flexion Distraction Table can release at the stomach/abdomen creating an opening. Restoration of normal physiological range of motion to the spinal joints is the end goal with Flexion Distraction.


What Are the Benefits of

This Therapy?

Convenient and Painless

15-minute in office, single injection

All Natural & Drug-free

Takes advantage of the body's ability to repair itself.

Safe, Non-steroidal Alternative to Surgery

Helps recruit your body’s healing components to reconstruct and regenerate the injured tissue that is causing pain.